7 Reasons Why Customised Motor Controllers could be the Best Option for Your Project

Need a motor controller but can’t find exactly what you need? More and more people are turning to customised or bespoke motor controllers


Because doing so can bring a wealth of benefits! 

Scroll down to explore 7 potential benefits of using a customised or bespoke designed motor controller for your project or application.

1. A customised motor controller allows you to achieve the exact performance you want from a motor without spending a long time searching for and setting up something which may (at best) be a close fit.

2. Believe it or not custom motor controllers can save you money. By only including the components that are necessary for your specific application, this inevitably brings the cost down as some “off the shelf” motor controllers will frequently contain features which aren’t needed for your specific application. 

Up front investments of time and money can be quickly paid off when they lead to a lower cost controller and less time setting up or installing the controller in your product.

3. As the desired motor controller can be pre-programmed for you, it will make set up and assembly of your final product a lot quicker and easier. No complicated setup or testing required, just the motor controller you need, pre-programmed with the settings you requested.

4. Customised or bespoke motor controllers can be more energy efficient. By optimising the board to your specific requirements it is often possible to save energy. This includes the actual energy usage of the board in its application but also the environmental impact of the board as a whole.

As we often tell our customers – unnecessary components mean unnecessary energy use!

5. When requesting a customised or bespoke motor controller you can also include any physical or special requirements you might have. These can range from a simple request that it not exceed 50mm in length (for example) or can be much more bespoke. We’ve designed circular motor controllers, circular controllers with holes in the middle to be mounted inside motors and a number of strange shaped motor controllers. 

We can also provide STEP files as the controller develops to help you achieve what you need in the design process.

6. Need some extra components with your motor controller? You can assemble your own custom package with whatever motors or extra accessories you need. Whether its plugin boards, pots, motors, cables or shaft couplers we can help. Let us make your life easier!

7. Need a motor controller quick but think that a custom controller will take too much time? All we can say is that it doesn’t take as long as you think. Depending on the complexity of your project we can have prototypes out to you in as little as 4 weeks. How? We spend all our working time designed, modifying, testing and programming motor controllers. Depending on what you need there is a fairly reasonable chance that we will have a design like this (or key components of it) already completed. We can then get prototypes rapidly assembled, programmed and out to you.