About Us

Brushless DC and Stepper Motor Control since 2012

We offer a range of stock controllers and custom design services up to 120V DC. The company was founded by university friends Graham Fick and Phil Bates in 2012 to deliver high quality motor control electronics at good value to customers.

A fully integrated company

All our products are designed, tested and manufactured by us in the UK. This gives us complete control over the entire process, reducing risk and lead times.

Creating opportunities for young people

Youth unemployment has a major impact on young people's wellbeing, sense of purpose and overall life opportunities. We operate a proactive recruitment and training programme based on apprenticeships and significant in house training to create as many opportunities as we can for young people in our area.

Committed to UK manufacturing

All our products are manufactured by us, to industry recognised standards, in the UK.

A comprehensive environmental policy

We recognise the role that business needs to play in helping in the fight against climate change. We pay extra to ensure all energy used is renewable and prioritise environmentally beneficial projects wherever possible. All controllers are designed to last and be repairable if repair is ever needed.

Integrated quality management

We operate an integrated quality management system across design, manufacture and operations to ensure we deliver high quality solutions to customers. We're committed to continuously improving this system through regular review and external audit.

A positive culture

Consistent improvement comes from constant review and feedback. All staff are encouraged to be open where they see opportunities for improvement or areas of concern. It is better to get it right than to be right.

A socially responsible business

Besides our commitment to creating opportunities for young people, we also have enhanced policies on social responsibility, including a Living Wage commitment and a comprehensive CPD policy to provide additional training opportunities.