Selecting the right motor controller for small pumps

Choosing the right motor controller for small pumps Small pumps are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as aquariums, water fountains, and cooling systems. However, to properly control the speed and direction of a small pump, it is important to select the right motor controller solution. In this article, we will explore the […]

Challenges of low inductance motors and why they’re hard to drive

The challenges of driving low inductance motors Low inductance motors, also known as “low-L” motors, are becoming increasingly popular in modern high-speed applications due to their ability to provide higher torque and faster acceleration. However, these motors can also be more challenging to drive compared to their high inductance counterparts. In this article, we will […]

Surface Mount (SMT) vs Through-Hole (TH) Assembly

Surface Mount (SMT) vs Through-Hole (TH) Assembly What are SMT components? Surface mount components – sometimes referred to as SMT or SMD components – are components which sit on the surface of a PCB, bridging pads to form an electrical connection. Such components are the most popular form of components for electronics as they enable […]

Reshoring – a Rebirth for British Manufacturing?

Reshoring – a Rebirth for British Manufacturing? The last 18 months have been exceptionally hard for British manufacturing. Whatever one thinks about more controversial issues such as Brexit, there can be no doubt that they’ve caused significant disruption. Coupled with this, there has been the colossal impact of Covid-19 with the nationwide shutdowns seeing unprecedented […]

Creating Opportunities for Young People in Calderdale

Creating Opportunities for Young People in Calderdale For those of who you have had a look around the website you will (perhaps) have noticed us make reference to one of our aims being to create as many opportunities as we can for young people in the surrounding area. In part this stems from the co-founders […]

Acting Environmentally

Acting Environmtentally Like all companies we are constantly aware of the difficulties the world is facing in relation to climate change and the amount of energy we use is something that we consistently look to address. At the same time, there is often a feeling of being unable to really contribute significantly and almost being […]

Inductance and Motor Control

Inductance and Motor Control Understanding motor inductance is a key part of successful motor control as it can have a major bearing on the potential performance of a motor. Equally, it can render certain types of controller unable to work. The 3 types of inductance At Zikodrive, we have divided motors into 3 different brackets […]

Component Shortages in the Electronics Industry

Component Shortages It’s impacting the electronics industry! As you may have read in numerous national papers or trade journals, the electronics industry is currently beset by component shortages. This has had a major impact on the supply of components used in many of our controllers and has particularly affected the use of microcontrollers, mosfets and […]

What do we mean by Optimised Motor Control?

What do we mean by Optimised Motor Control The keener eyed amongst you may have noticed our slogan referring to “Optimised Motor Control” and wondered what exactly what we meant by this. Well, wonder no more… Our aim from the outset One of the founding aims of Zikodrive was to reduce the amount of work […]