The latest addition to Zikodrive ZDBL Sensorless Motor Controller Range…

The latest addition to the ZDBL sensorless motor controller range We are delighted to announce the launch of the Zikodrive ZDBLS1 and ZDBLS1-2 sinusoidal sensorless brushless DC motor controllers. Both controllers are aimed at quite different applications than many of the other controllers in the ZDBL range. Typically these controllers would be used in conjunction […]

Optimised brushless DC motor controllers are proving more popular than ever

The Zikodrive range of Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Controllers are proving increasingly popular with the optimisation service offered being a key part of this. Optimised brushless DC motor controllers are specifically setup to deliver the best possible performance from the motor you have. However, further tailoring can be made to help your motor deal with […]

Request a custom programme or modification quickly and simply!

As a result of customer demand we have tried to simplify the process of requesting custom programmes or hardware modifications. This applies for all of our standard motor controllers, whether they be sensorless brushless DC, sensored brushless DC, stepper or brushed DC. Simply use the quote request form to outline the changes you need and […]

Zikodrive introduce new OEM offer – Custom branded / white label motor controls

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new white label / custom branding option for OEMs, component manufacturers and anyone else who may have an interest! We’re offering all of our standard range as an OEM option with full technical support and your own custom branding. Whatever you manufacture you can now increase […]

Zikodrive launch recommended packages for specific applications

We are pleased to announce the launch of a small (but growing) range of motor control packages aimed at specific applications. We’ve found ourselves recommending the same motors and controllers to the same customers on so many occasions that we’ve decided to group these packages into specific categories to make it easier for you to […]