Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our CSR policy is currently focused in the local area in which we’re based in the Calder Valley. At present we make regular donations to the Watermark Fund. This was setup in the aftermath of the Boxing Day 2015 floods to build resilience and preparedness for future such events. 

Further to this we are always interested to hear from organisations involved in international development work or similar projects where our motor control expertise can be put to good use. 

The central aim of our CSR policy is to try and support a range of important organisations where we can in both the immediate local area and further afield. We would be very interested to hear from any organisations in these areas and we will do what we can to help.

Please keep an eye on our blog or news pages for up to date information on any events we’re involved in.

Building resilience for future uncertainty

The Watermark fund in Calderdale was setup in the aftermath of the devastating Boxing Day 2015 floods in order to build up community resilience and put measures in place to mitigate against future such occurrences. Zikodrive donate 5% of the sale price of all ZD10LCD stepper motor controllers direct to the Watermark Fund as part of our support for this. We also try and support as many local events and other businesses on Watermark Events wherever that’s possible.

To find out more about the Watermark Fund and the brilliant work they do please click here.

Zero Waste

We are proud to be a Zero Waste company. This means that all our premises operate a zero waste to landfill policy with everything we do being re-used, re-purposed or recycled. This may mean that your goods arrive in ‘nearly new’ packaging. This is not us being lazy or careless, but rather us making use of existing resources that we already have!

It does also mean that all staff are encouraged to avoid unnecessary packaging, single use plastics are completely banned and we do get through a lot of water!

We are moving towards developing a fully carbon neutral policy at this stage and would actively invite any other organisations expertise or related ideas as to how to do this with a global shipping programme and export business. 

Cycle to work

We are passionate about empowering all staff to cycle to work. The benefits of this policy are clear, both for the individual as well as wider society and the environment. Less cars on the road is a major issue in the Calder Valley, where major routes get continually blocked at rush hour, causing significant localised pollution, especially in areas around schools. 

Equally, the health benefits are clear for staff who benefit from additional exercise, more time outside and in nature. We would also like to thank Sustrans and British Waterways for the work on the UK canal and cycle network which make cycling in the Calder Valley much easier than it otherwise be on the main roads!