Custom Motor Controllers

Custom Motor Control Solutions for a Wide Range of Motors

As a motor control design specialist we are experienced in designing and manufacturing motor control solutions for a wide range of motors.  These include;

Stepper Motors

Three Phase Brushless DC Motors

Asynchronous Motors

High Speed Brushless DC Motors

Integrated Brushless DC Motors

Three Phase Sensorless Brushless DC Motors

Single Phase Brushless DC Motors 

Single Phase Sensorless Brushless DC Motors

Why choose a custom motor control solution?

Customised motor controllers enable you to get exactly the motor controller you need. Depending on the specific requirements you have there are multiple potential reasons why a custom motor control solution may be the best option for you…

  1. Get the exact performance you need.
  2. Integrate the controller into the tight project constraints you have.
  3. Ensure ease of assembly by reducing the need for controller setup in full production.
  4. Develop a controller that can provide the specific performance you need in your application.

Custom motor controllers can save you money

Whilst it is important to be up front about the fact that a custom motor control project will have some development fees associated with it, it is equally important to understand how custom motor controls can reduce your costs over the project life cycle. 

When you go down the custom design route, the controller can be tailored to your specific requirements. This means that we will only use parts and add features which are specifically required for your specific application. It is often the case that many stock motor controllers will necessarily be targeted at multiple applications. This makes them useful in that they are able to deal with a wide range of potential scenarios. However, it also means that they incorporate large numbers of components (or higher specified components) that may not be required for your project. Remove these and you remove cost.

Custom motor controllers can be better for the environment

Custom motor controllers are designed and manufactured specifically to your requirements. They are therefore one of the most energy efficient solutions available for your particular application in that they do not use any excess resources or parts to fulfil the function they are required to do.

Equally, we continuously monitor suppliers and component manufacturers for environmental compliance and exclude all components where there are environmental issues present. 

When you buy a custom designed motor controller you can be certain that the environmental impact will be reduced.

A safe pair of hands with a vertically integrated offering

We’ve worked hard to develop a comprehensive design and manufacture service. This is partly because we wanted to control all aspects of the quality of our products from design to production. It is also because we wanted to take the potential stress and anxiety of a custom motor control solution away from customers. 

We listened to customers who liked the idea of a custom motor controller but were uncertain about how they would get this reliably produced. We also listened to customers who were concerned about the potential for component obsolescence and/or availability issues once in production. 

That’s why we setup the vertically integrated offering that we currently have. We want to deliver exceptional quality and value to you, ensuring that you can design the products that you want to.

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