Arduino Replacement / Productionisation

Arduino is a fantastic tool for prototyping and developing ideas and is something that we come across a lot. In the same way that tools such as WordPress have opened up web development to a broad range of people and enabled people to quickly develop ideas, so too has Arduino been key in shaping the way in which people develop new products and setup motor controllers. 

That said, we have many customers who recognise that the standardised Arduino hardware is often not the best option for taking a product into full production and that customised electronics can increase robustness, add power (if required), cut costs and increase longer term reliability. 

We’ve worked with a wide range of customers who’ve developed ideas and then translated these across into a production ready solution and have considerable industry experience to ensure that this works well for your project.

Everything you need, on one board

The simplest option we offer in relation to Arduino is to take the existing prototype that you have put together using an array of plugin boards and include this on one board designed to work well within your project or product. In some cases we can make simple changes to this to add extra features, change power ratings to match particular motors or any other changes that you might need. 

As we’re laying the board out essentially from scratch we can ensure that it fits in whatever footprint you require to help make product development faster and simpler for you. Where there are cost implications of making a particular change we will be open and honest with you about how best to implement these changes and what you can do to reduce this.

Our aim with this service is to include everything that you like from your prototype version whilst at the same time removing the parts that you are not happy with and also using our experience to future proof and inform the wider design.

From Prototype to Production

We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you’ve developed with Arduino and how this works in your particular application or project. Once we understand this we will develop a basic specification that we are working to based on the hardware choices you have had. At this point we will typically look to include a range of (usually quite small) changes either for cost effectiveness or to increase performance and life of the project. We will highlight these and discuss them with you to ensure you are happy with their inclusion. 

If needs be we can make a very quick proof of concept board to enable quick testing of the various changes we have proposed to ensure they function well in your final product or application. Once this is all completed we can then press ahead with the production version. Once this is completed you will be able to test and approve the design before the project is signed off.

A proven, quality partner to get your Arduino prototypes into full production

Not only do we work in PCB design every day, designing, laying out and manufacturing PCBs but we specialise in motor control electronics. We believe it’s this combination of abilities that makes us the perfect partner for your project. 

We have the experience to not only translate your Arduino prototype into production but also to help make improvements, cost savings and sensible changes to the initial prototype. 

Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your aims and the key pass criteria for the project and will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

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