Your own brand motor controllers

Our motor controllers - Your branding

Whether your company requires a range of motor controllers for a large range of applications or simply wants one controller as the main controller for a specific application we can offer our stock range with your branding on.

We know that you want to offer your customer’s the best quality and value for money but that sometimes custom motor controls or brand new designs are simply not cost effective. The idea of developing your own controller can be a daunting task. 

Equally, we’ve worked with a large number of manufacturers who are missing out on huge amounts of potential income simply because they do not have even a basic motor control offering for their customers. Own brand controllers typically cost less than a £1000 tooling charge, are proven technology and can bring in £1000’s or more in revenue every year as ‘upsells’ on your existing stock. 

We’ve worked with a number of companies who have started out taking our controllers as standard, then moved onto the custom label option before working with us to develop custom motor controllers for specific applications.

Your own products with your own branding

We completely understand that if you’ve put the time in developing a product or range of products that you need performance to match. We can work with you to develop a range of customised programmes and firmware for our controllers, tailored to your specific products which you can then quickly implement to deliver unique and tailored products to your customers. We’ll then support you with training in how to programme and select a range of options that you need. Got a new customer who needs something specific? Just let us know and we can email the programme across for you to quickly setup and deliver. It’s quite literally a matter of minutes in most cases.

The brilliant thing with white label/own brand controllers is that you don’t need to waste any time developing new controllers. Simply let us know what you want the branding to say, let us know how many you need and we’ll get started straight away. Lead times can be as low as 1-2 weeks depending on quantity and we work hard to keep our tooling charges as low as possible. 

Available with a range of programmes, allowing you to offer your customers the performance they need

We know that you need to be as flexible as you can be when it comes to dealing with your customers. 

We’ll support you in this by offering training and support on how to programme, test and support our range of controllers. Got a customer that needs a bespoke programme? Just let us know and we will set this up for you, email it across and have you up and running in no time.

Exceptional lead times, call off options and more put you in control

Whether its short lead times, call off options or scheduled deliveries, we can work to your requirements. 

All our motor controllers are made under the AS9100 quality management system and (subject to minimum order quantity) we can offer call off orders over 6 or 12 months. 

We work with a range of OEMs and manufacturers to deliver value for money and a high quality service so we know what’s required to do so. Depending on the volume requirement you have we can offer lead times as low as 1 week turnaround on custom branded boards (typical lead times are more like 4-6 weeks). For larger volume orders we can arrange a call off schedule to help keep your cash flow stable and your projects moving.

Full technical support is just a phone call away...

Another major advantage of the white label / custom branding scheme is that we will continue to support you and your products for as long as you are using our motor controllers. If you have a customer with a technical question or a programme modification request, simply pass it on to us and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can. If you need new firmware to meet the customer’s needs we can  get this across to you in a few hours.

Alternatively, we can work with you to develop the specification they need for a new controller and get this built, enabling you to make further money on this stage. 

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