Motor Control Technology

Where many motor control companies simply take pre-existing ‘off the shelf’ solutions and integrate them into PCBs, we invest heavily in developing motor control technology with a focus on solving problems. We do this to ensure the greatest possible flexibility and application level control with all our motor control solutions.

As part of our custom motor control design and manufacture service, we frequently receive enquiries from customers where they have exhausted all of the standard options available. This is partly why we have focused on addressing the problems of high speed motors and low inductance motors, as well as the challenges of integrating controllers into Smart Pumps and other similar applications. 

In this section, we cover some of the key technology we have developed to help us in producing high performance motor controllers for your product or application.

ZikoOptimise - high speed performance, fast setup, constant optimisation

The ZDBLMUL15-4 features ZikoOptimise technology

ZikoOptimise is our patent pending technology that enables sensorless brushless DC motors to be run without user input or the need for a motor datasheet. The controller continually optimises the motor drive to factor changes in fast changing loads, resistance or other aspects.

ZikoOptimise is designed to;


  • Enable fast start of sensorless brushless DC motors in a range of applications.
  • Enable a continuously smooth / low noise drive of these motors.
  • Continuously optimise the motor drive to enable the most efficient drive possible.
  • Rapidly respond to changes in motor load to enable the motor to continue running well, without interruption or risk of stalling.