Focus on: Own Brand Motor Controllers

Why would I look at an own brand controller?

The first and most obvious advantage of using a service such as this is that it will enable you to quickly develop a stock range of controllers without having to invest in any additional hardware or specific designs. You can simply pick whichever controller it is that you require (or more than one if required) and request that it be retooled to include your brand and part numbers as required. We will then send you a proof of the design before manufacture so you can double check this and we can then get on with the order. 

What are the minimum order quantities to make it cost effective?

We typically say that an MOQ of around 100 is required for you to get the price to a comparable level with our stock range. If you go above this it may even be possible to get this down further depending on the specific board and the requirements you may have around additional programming and support.

Whatever you need, we would always be up front about the pricing and lead times so if you are interested in this type of service please do request a quote here and we can then discuss terms and/or volumes as required.

What about additional support once we start buying them?

We offer comprehensive support for all customers but this is especially true of customers who go for this type of arrangement. We understand that you need to be on hand to answer any technical questions from your customers and that you need a fast response from us to do this. If you have a technical question or requirement then we will deal with this quickly and efficiently to ensure you can exceed your customer’s expectations.

A bolt-on motor control department for your company

In practice we can function like a bolt on or subcontracted motor control electronics department for OEM customers who go for the custom branding option. Need some new firmware developing to help you win new business? Just let us know and we’ll get it across to you quickly. Need a customisation or new design quote for a customer who wants a modification making to an existing design? Again, pass it across and we will provide the quote for you.