Focus On: The ZDBLS1 Series of Sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) Controllers

You may have have seen the recently launched ZDBLS1 series of sensorless brushless DC motor controllers and wondered what type of applications they are designed for and where they will work best? Equally, you may not have paid them much notice. 

Put simply, the range is designed for very low powered (at least by our standards) applications and are perfectly suited to small pump, fan or related applications. The range measures 20mm diameter and certain members of the ZDBLS1 family feature a significant amount of programmability which can be carefully tailored to meet the needs of complex and demanding applications.

From the simplest ‘dumb’ driver to one of the most advanced small brushless DC controllers on the market…

The starting point with the ZDBLS1 range is the ZDBLS1-1 sensorless brushless DC motor controller. This is a small, low powered controller which is designed to enable users to run a brushless DC motor in the same way they would run a brushed DC motor. A change in the input voltage will lead to a change in speed. There is no other way to run this controller. 

The next controller in this range is the ZDBLS1-2 brushless DC motor controller. This builds on the power offered by the ZDBLS1 controller and adds to it. It is also features some limited further control options in the shape of PWM inputs and a range of alternatives. The flagship model (at least at the present stage) of the ZDBLS1 range is the ZDBLS1-4. This controller packs a whole lot more intelligence into the same footprint, albeit with less power than the ZDBLS1-2. This controller is inherently limited on user interface options and controllability but excels in that it can be very carefully optimised and setup by Zikodrive prior to shipping to meet your specific requirements. 

A broad range of applications

Whether it’s a pump that must start under 1W or a system that must be able to run reliably with unreliable power inputs (from a battery or solar panel for example) the ZDBLS1-4 will be able to get you moving.

Equally, as you may imagine, the range can be fairly quickly adapted or set up in a different configuration in order to meet whatever requirements you may have. Whether this is a different footprint or an alternative power range then please just ask.

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