How in depth can the programming of the standard range of Zikodrive Controllers be?

One of the main advantages of using Zikodrive Motor Controllers over many similar manufacturers is that our motor controllers are fully programmable and that we can help you out with the programming.

Programming basic parameters on a stepper motor driver…

At its most basic, we can set up a stepper motor controller with basic settings such as current and speed. This is particularly useful for those customers who require a motor driver that runs in a set speed range or who just need a motor driver which will accurately and repeatedly run at a set speed. Our aim here is to simplify things as much as possible for our customers by setting up the basic parameters on the controller before you even use them.

More in depth programming…

For more advanced applications we can set up controllers to run specific sequences (see the Rotating Prism Case Study) or to operate with  a range of external user controlled inputs such as buttons, pots and more. Ultimately the level of control that we can implement is limited by memory on the controllers and also expense. To pre-programme detailed sequences obviously takes time but can be done. Controllers such as the iD Controller specifically developed for Boxer Pumps feature a significant amount of complex programming in order to make the user interface and operation of the range of pumps as simple as possible.


Just ask! If you have a specific requirement that you would prefer to be directly programmed into a controller rather than operated by UART or similar protocol then we are probably able to help. Stepper Motor Drivers such as the ZD4LCD are designed to be customised and so we will need to work with you to develop your specific application.