How we helped with the fight against Covid-19


Covid-19 affected virtually every business. Whether it be the huge rise in people working from home, the major disruption to industry and the wider economy or the major rise in new types of businesses, no part of the economy was left untouched.

We saw demand for certain products fall, whilst demand for others rose considerably, largely as a result of the direct fight to control and contain Covid-19 using technology such as dispensers, sprayers and other related equipment. As part of this we continued to supply brushless DC controllers for these types of applications to a number of our customers for ultimate use in these types of equipment throughout the second half of 2020. Working with a stripped back team, we continued to run production, expanding the operation halfway through the year to ensure continuous supply to our customers.

As with all businesses, we worked relentlessly to Covid proof our facilities and ensure that all facilities were properly setup with appropriate social distancing measures and related precautions. Recruiting at this time proved something of a challenge but we’re proud of the efforts the whole team made in ensuring we continued to run production, despite component shortages and a whole host of related issues.

We believe that examples such as this show just what can be done when people come together to meet a pressing need together and we hope that this continues to provide a blueprint for what’s now needed to assist in the fight against climate change. New technologies and solutions were rapidly developed in order to meet the urgent demand from countries all around the world for any type of solution which could help in containing the spread of Covid.