ISO-9001 Recertification and Other News Update

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently passed our latest ISO-9001 audit for design and manufacture of motor control electronics. We’re absolutely dedicated to continuous improvement in everything we do and ISO-9001 is one of the core parts of this work. We can’t say it’s been an easy 12 months and our quality management systems have come under some pressure with the amount of uncertainty in the semiconductor market but we’re still going strong despite these difficulties.

In terms of the wider component situation and what to expect, we are still seeing significant disruption in this market. Recent examples include orders that have been on for over 18 months and were scheduled for delivery being suddenly cancelled putting us in a real difficult spot. We’ve done our best to continue to communicate with all existing customers and to do the best we can to mitigate these risks during a difficult time. We’re now stocking significantly higher inventory than we would normally like to and we’ve worked with many customers to order all key parts 2 years in advance.