Motor Control, Product Design and Electronic Engineering Consultancy

At Zikodrive we work with a large range of companies in different industries. As a result we have significant experience in understanding the different challenges faced by a wide range of industries. In part this can involve changes brought about by new technologies, new processes or new competition. We’ve worked with a number of companies on consultancy projects in the following areas;

  1. Replacing obsolete parts with new parts without impacting on the wider product assembly process. 
  2. Exploring opportunities for cost savings through standardisation of certain parts. 
  3. PLC replacement to reduce cost. 
  4. Product development consulting – our technical team can advise on the range of options you might have to achieve a particular objective. We work to understand your requirements and can then report on the options you require with some product recommendations (whether Zikodrive or not).
  5. Feasibility consulting – understanding what exactly is required for a project to go ahead and reporting on exactly where the specification for a particular application should be.

Cutting Cost from an existing product

I Want One Solution to Replace Several Components

I am Designing Something New

I Am Not Sure What I Need

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