Motor Controllers and Related Technology for Space Applications

We Offer a Range of Related Services

As the commercial space sector has grown rapidly in the last decade or so, so too has the demand for a broad range of motor control and related electronics. As part of this we can offer a range of motor control electronics for applications including highly efficient battery charging technology, coil drivers, intelligent motor controls and more. We understand the key requirements of these types of applications and that the considerable expense involved can have a major impact on the choices made.

Our design team work round the clock on a range of custom design motor controls and electronics, whether it’s for space industries or other. We have the flexibility, expertise and key supplier relationships to deliver quickly, reliably and exceptional quality solutions.

A Competent and Flexible Design Partner with Considerable Experience in Custom Design for Space

We understand that in the majority of space applications there is a requirement to adapt electronics to meet much more challenging specifications. Whether it’s an exceptionally tight envelope, ensuring that all components are flight ready or managing the limited power onboard, we have the experience and know how to help.

Whilst many of our projects in space are protected by NDAs and cannot be disclosed, we are at liberty to say that we have worked on a range of coil drivers, battery chargers and brushless DC motor controllers for these applications. 

We Place Rigorous Quality Management at the Heart of our Offer

We don’t compromise on quality. Whether it’s our 7 stage controller design process or the AS9100 QM system we rely on for all production controller manufacture, we understand how critical this is to ensuring long lasting and reliable performance.

In addition to this, if you have any specific requirements that need to be met we can work with you to understand the specification points that you require and then develop the right packages for your application.

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