Motor Controllers for a Range of Applications

We have developed motor control solutions for a wide range of applications. Find out about our specialist areas here. Don’t forget that a large part of our service involves customisation. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for then it’s always worth asking.

Intelligent Pump Applications

Controllers for High Speed Motors

Battery Powered Motor Controllers

Integrated Motor Controllers

Cost Reduction Applications

Motor controllers that ensure your products comply

Designing and manufacturing motor controllers is not just a matter of getting motors turning. In demanding, regulated industries, compliance can be equally as important a consideration. We have experiencing in designing for a range of industry specific standards. Talk to our team about your specific requirements and we will be happy to advise on what is possible and what isn’t.

All of our motor controllers are designed for exceptional EMC performance and all are built using only RoHS and REACH compliant components.

Our ISO-9001 certified quality management system is continuously being improved to ensure we deliver high quality, compliant motor control solutions to all of our customers.

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