A variable torque brushless DC controller for bottling equipment

A good example of the flexibility offered by custom programming

The challenge with this particular application was to quickly create an affordable system for a bottling equipment manufacturer that could quickly replace an obsolete component. To do this we worked closely with the client to find out about the key specification points required for the system and then developed a custom programmed prototype of the system using a ZDBL50DC brushless DC motor controller

This example highlights just how important it can be to deliver custom programmed firmware for a range of standard controllers. This method of developing solutions enables customers who need a rapid fix to a problem to be able to get up and running quickly as and when required. 

Plugin boards provide extra functionality

In this case there was also a need to add an additional plugin board to enable the functionality the client required. This was developed in such a way as to enable the customer to get an up and running as fast and possible and to ensure the system interfaced with the legacy equipment used by the company.

A quick site visit goes a long way

As you’ve probably heard us mention in the past, we work exceptionally hard at delivering reliable and trusted customer service. Part of this is making sure we’ve fully understood the requirement of the customer before we make a recommendation. In this case we first arranged a site visit to ensure we were on top of the requirement and understood exactly what was involved before moving forward with the project.

Protections and filtering make noisy environments easy

The controller that was adopted in the end was a custom programmed combination of the standard ZDBL50DC with a custom plugin board. A key design feature on this board has been the use of filtering and isolated inputs to ensure reliable communication and performance even in very noisy industrial environments such as the one that the bottling equipment will be involved in.

Conclusion - a classic example of how custom programming and plugin boards can achieve exceptional results fast

This project is not an exceptionally challenging project in the sense of technical design or performance. However it does highlight a very important part of the Zikodrive business model in the sense that it was essential to have a fast response and a quick and easy solution for the customer.