Motor Controllers for Automotive Applications

We work with a number of clients in the automotive sector to deliver lightweight, powerful and optimised motor control electronics for a range of applications. From F1 to small electric vehicles we thrive on the challenge of finding the right solution for your particular application. We understand that, more than any other type of application, you need exacting specifications, responsive lead times and responsive technical support.

Rapid Proof of Concepts

We use our extensive library of controller designs and responsive team to deliver rapid proof of concepts. We’ll work with you to assess the requirements of your particular project and deliver proof of concept electronics to enable rapid testing and assessment. Our fully insured technical support staff can visit you on site if required to assist with setup and testing or alternatively we can conduct this remotely. 

Once, you’re happy with the performance we’ll manufacture the production versions under AS9100 quality management system and deliver them on time and full supported. We’ll then follow up to ensure that everything is as you expect and make any additional changes you require there and then. Unless otherwise stated, all of our controllers are microcontroller based so there are huge numbers of potential adjustments that can be made if required. This provides the flexibility and confidence you need to meet this demanding market.

Your Choice of Communication Protocols

Depending on the nature of your application it may be necessary to operate in a range of communications protocols. We can run controllers in a wide range of protocols to suit your requirements. We can even tailor the protocol to your exact requirements if needed in order to help with the design process. From the simplest analogue interfaces right through to CANbus and fully integrated communications protocols we can help you get the job done. We regularly work with the following protocols;






We Take the Physical Properties of a Controller as Seriously as the Technical rRequirements

We understand that in the automotive industry size and weight are critically important. That’s why we offer a wide range of options for reducing both factors in our controllers. Whether it be lightweight PCB options such as aluminium PCBs, size reducing factors wherever possible (for example cutouts, radiused edges), small form factor component selection or modification and more, our design team can help. 

We’ve completed custom design projects but also a number of hardware modification projects for the automotive sector in which size and weight were critical. We worked closely with clients to understand their requirements and how they need the controllers to function or fit within their envelope and we then take this and develop proposals as to how best to do this. Once everyone is agreed we can then develop these designs in record time.

Got a strange envelope that needs filling? We can help! Need a design that fits into a strict size restriction? Just let us know.

Rigorous Quality Management from Start to Finish

One of the key factors that sets us apart is not just our rapid design times and experience but also our ongoing commitment to rigorous quality management processes to ensure you get the right controller made to the highest possible standards. All our controllers are manufactured under the AS9100 quality management process. On top of this we will work with customers to meet whatever quality management requirements or certifications they made, whether it be IPC, IEC or other.

Controllers Designed for Noisy Environments and Changing Voltages

We have considerable experience in designing motor controllers for harsh environments and for applications in which the power may fluctuate or may be electrically noisy. We’ve completed projects in a wide array of areas whether it be industrial, automotive, process control or medical and we are well versed in the safety features and design features required to ensure long lasting reliable performance. We will work closely with you to understand the environmental challenges and the potential issues that can be caused in these environments and put forward an array of suggestions as to how best to ensure the controllers work well. If cost is a major factor we can prioritise these methods or devise a feasibility study to test out the performance of each option in order to determine the most cost effective solution.

Trusted to Deliver More Than Just Performance

We understand that when it comes to selecting a partner to work with on major automotive projects you need more than just technical know how. You need to know that your partner has the experience, technical proficiency and procedures in place to deliver the components you need, when you need them. For more information on specific motor control design case studies that we’ve carried out please click here. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about our design work please take a look at our design pages.