Battery Powered Applications

Motor Controllers for Battery Powered Applications

As more and more technologies rely on batteries to power them, our motor controllers can help you address some of the key challenges associated with working with batteries as your main power source.

Whether it’s a compact, lightweight custom design that you require to make your product work or a range of important safety protections, we can help. Our ZDBLDC and ZDBLDC-M brushless DC motor controllers are widely used in battery powered applications and, in conjunction with the option of customising or modifying the hardware, we’re confident that, whatever your requirements we can help.

Regenerative Braking

Depending on the nature of your application, it may well be possible to implement regenerative braking in order to make the battery life last longer.

There are a number of important factors to consider when implementing this type of system, most of which have certain dependencies within the specific battery and application. We have completed multiple such projects and are happy to work with any other supply partners you may have to ensure a successful project outcome.

Safety is our Number One Priority

We can offer a huge array of inbuilt safety protections on our motor controllers to protect your hardware and your performance:

Over current protection – prevent battery damage and controller damage.

Over temperature protection – we typically include onboard over temperature protection as standard but our controllers can also take temperature inputs allowing monitoring of battery, motor and external temperature with thresholds set to your specification.

Under voltage protection – one of the dangers of using batteries is what happens when they run down. With under voltage protection you can avoid motor lock or other issues. Our controllers can also offer a fault signal output so you know when the battery level is dropping.

If you have any further safety features which you would like to discuss with us then please get in touch and our team will be happy to help you.

Please note, some of these issues may be directly managed by the BMS. Depending on the specific battery you have chosen, we can work to ensure successful integration.

BMS Integration

We’re experienced at setting up BMS integration within the controller. Depending on your specific requirements, we can interface with the BMS to ensure safe use of the battery including regenerative recharging of the controller. Equally, we can setup a range of minimum voltage limits to ensure the battery is not drained below the appropriate levels. If you’re not sure on the specifics of this we can discuss with the battery manufacturer in order to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

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