Bridge Biotechnology and the Zikodrive ZDSP Stepper Motor Controller

Scottish ESOL Generator Manufacturers Bridge Biotechnology made the decision to use the ZDSP stepper motor controller in their ESOL systems largely because of the simplicity of integrating the driver into their pre-existing systems.

ESOL Generators produce an environmentally friendly form of disinfectant from the simple ingredients of salt and water. This can then be made up very quickly as required but can also has a huge number of environmental benefits as it reduces the reliance on chemicals such as chlorine and similar.

This technology has a huge amount of interesting applications including international development/aid applications, military and agricultural applications and more.

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The Zikodrive S+ stepper motor controller is obviously a very small part of these  systems but the ability to order the driver with preset speed ranges makes and reliable performance makes the job of building customised systems so much simpler.

This case study represents the simplest aspect of what we mean by ‘customised motor controls’ in the sense that the customisation is a simple programming change which enables customer’s to quickly get their project’s moving without having to change the settings themselves.