Integrated Motor Controllers

Integrated motor controllers simplify your product design, allowing you to design the product that you want to. Whether it’s physically integrated into a motor or pump casing or integrating the motor controller into a communication network, we can help.

Design the product you want to with an integrated motor controller

Physically integrating motor controllers can be a challenge. That’s why you need a partner with experience in designing, programming and manufacturing motor control solutions in these environments. 

Whether its laying a controller out to enable easy access to key connection points, thermal management or failure mode considerations, we have the experience and manufacturing capability to help.

You may be surprised how small you can go...

We have designed a number of motor controllers for tight spaces. Whether its a 20mm diameter circular motor controller or an integrated stepper motor controller for a NEMA 12 motor, we can design what you require and ensure it performs.

We can work with you from the outset to understand your product requirements. We can identify any potential issues that may occur and work with you to find any required compromises. 

Continuously investing in R&D and manufacturing capability to improve integration

We continuously invest in R&D and manufacturing capability with a particular focus on reducing component use and reducing resource use. One of the most obvious methods for achieving this is via reducing controller size wherever possible. 

Our capability in this area improves every year as we continue this investment. 

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