A Range of Power Options to Support Different Functions

We understand that the power requirements for mobility applications can vary widely. Whether it’s the main driver you need or control for additional features we can help. We can even incorporate all of your project requirements onto one main control and drive board.

It is possible that some of our stock range of motors and controllers may be able to help in these types of applications but it is more likely that a custom option will be the best solution. Customised options enable us to deliver more power, work the design around your project scope and also incorporate any additional safety and control features you might need.

Brushless DC is an Increasingly Popular Option for Mobility Options

Brushless DC motors are increasingly popular in mobility applications for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they are the most efficient motors in terms of power density (broadly meaning that the power/area of the motor delivers the most power of any motor type). Secondly, they can operate at a range of voltages making flexibility a key option for designers. Thirdly, the fact that there is no friction within the motor apart from the bearings means that a well built and controllers brushless DC motor will last a lot longer than brushed DC alternatives.

There are a range of brushless DC control options which can also help – sensorless control is one of these options, four quadrant control can enable actively controlled deceleration and acceleration without the need of brakes and constant speed or torque enable reliable performance over uncertain terrain.