Motor Controllers for Aerospace Applications

We work with a number of aerospace clients to develop both motor and solenoid controllers for a wide range of aerospace applications from small and unmanned aircraft right through to technology for space flight. Our controllers have been used by NASA as well as a range of commercial private clients. We offer a stock range of controllers for a wide range of motors and application types. These can be rapidly modified to add a range of features as required by your project. This can then serve as the basis of a new production board or can be used to inform the specification of a production controller.

Whatever it is you need, we will work with you to the timescales and specifications that your project demands. 

Intelligent, Creative Engineering and Rigorous Quality Management Combined to Deliver the Performance You Need in the Form Factor You Need

We understand that the technical performance of a motor controller is only half the battle. You need to ensure that quality accreditation’s are met, risk management procedures are properly addressed and that the design of the controller meets the rigorous specifications required in the aerospace industry.

That’s why we’re continually investing in improving our quality management processes and procedures to ensure that we can deliver the controller you need and in the commercial and legal package that you need it in. Our engineers will work with your engineers alongside our QM team working alongside your purchasing or QA teams to ensure that all aspects of the project are met.

Fully Integrated Quality Management Reduces Lead Times and Keeps You in the Loop...

Our culture of continuous improvement and commitment to eliminating errors means that we have developed advanced and dynamic processes which have then enabled us to reduce lead times without compromising on quality or risk management. We use advanced cloud based IT to ensure that all team members are across the project requirements and to keep our clients informed on the project status and schedule. We open the books to show you the entire process from start to finish and how we will complete it. As the project starts we will share key data and information on the project status including test data, video and photo updates and more.

We understand that moving forward with a new design project is a big commitment and that you need to feel valued and understood as a customer. That’s why we provide you with key contact information for the personnel assigned to your project and work hard so you know where the project is.

An Experienced, Award Winning Team - Ready to Complete Your Project

The vast majority of our work in the aerospace industry involves customised or completely bespoke design work. This means that we can cater to any specific requirements you may have. Whether the engineering team need connectors of a certain kind or the controller to fit a certain form factor we can include this in the design. 

Equally, if there are a specific requirements such as quality management accreditations or related requirements, these can be included right from the design stage. 

We strongly believe that our experience in the industry, in combination with our commitment to design excellence and quality management means that we are perfectly placed to help you excel in whatever project you are undertaking.

A Range of Options to Get Your Project off the Ground Quickly

We understand that ideas need testing and trying out before they are properly committed to. We are continuously developing controllers for a large number of different applications and as part of this we continuously test different configurations and designs.

This, in combination with our stock range of motor controllers means that we are best placed to offer a quick working prototype or proof of concept model to get a project started without major financial commitment.

For more information or to discuss your project with one of our team please use the links below to find the option that best suits you. You can also request a quote directly using the main menu at the top under the design section.