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Motor drivers and controllers for laboratory equipment

Zikodrive Motor Controllers are widely used in a range of laboratory motor control applications. All stock motor controllers can be programmed to run at whatever torque and speed you require as well as offering a range of intelligent alternative options including user interfaces. The advanced stepper control we offer is well suited for dosing and other types of applications whilst they can also be used in stirrers, mixers and other similar pieces of equipment. It is also possible to carry out dosing with brushless DC motors – click here to find out more about how this can be done.

The ZDBL range of brushless DC motor controllers can be set up to run in applications which had previously used brushed DC motors, offering additional life and more efficient performance. We can also offer both stepper and brushless DC packages which feature constant speed under variable load/pressure.

Trusted to Deliver the Performance and Control You Need

We know that every piece of laboratory equipment is different and that the requirements you have as a designer can be very exacting. With Zikodrive Motor Controllers you can be certain that we will have the right controller for you because we have such an extensive range of options. 

We also know about how important safety is in laboratory environments. All our controllers are manufactured under the AS9100 Quality Management System to be life and mission critical and we also offer a huge range of safety features on our controllers to help you deliver quality products to market. Over temperature protection, over current protection, stall detect and more can all be used to ensure your products are trusted. 

The Nymax Lab One - Powered by Zikodrive Motor Controllers

"We offer a broad range of motor controllers which are perfect for the laboratory equipment market. Whether it's a high resolution stepper motor controller, a powerful brushless DC controller or a simple to use user interface, I'm confident of our ability to deliver the performance you need"

A Custom Programmed ZD10LCD Stepper Motor Controller for a Lab Application

Learn more about a project we carried out to custom programme a ZD10LCD stepper motor controller for a customer in the laboratory equipment industry. The project involved developing a range of user-selectable fixed length programmes which could be quickly and easily selected by the end user and run.

The interface would then display key information to the user about the stage of the run cycle that the controller was at. 

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Our stepper motors & controllers are a perfect choice for mixers. Customise with a range of user interfaces.


Our range of stepper motors provide a complete range of torque, speed options. Supplied with motors as required.


Our motor controllers are widely used in dosing applications. Talk to us or browse pump applications for more information.

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Tell us what you are planning and we can help advise on the pros and cons of different motor / control options.