Optimised sensorless brushless DC motor controllers are worth it - here's why...

Optimised sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor controllers are controllers that have been deliberately and purposefully optimised to meet the operational demands of a particular application. 

This optimisation refers to a range of performance parameters and features which all contribute to the overall performance of the controller. We thought we’d quickly bring together the top 5 reasons why optimised brushless DC controllers are the best way to go if using sensorless brushless motors.

Optimised controllers start first time, every time…

With an optimised sensorless brushless DC motor controller we work with the specific motor you will be using in the same conditions you will be using. This ensures we are able to optimise it to start perfectly right when you need it to.

Energy Efficiency and power consumption are improved

With optimised controllers we ensure the optimum energy efficiency across the duty cycle of the motor and controller in order to ensure the most effective use of power. This is something we should obviously all be looking to do but it is especially beneficial in battery powered applications.

Perfectly optimised safety features protect the user, the motor and the controller.

Ensuring safety and reliable performance is sometimes a question of standard features. However, it is often a question of carefully calibrated limits and application specific settings. Optimised controllers deliver the perfect current limit, under voltage limit, over temperature protection or stall detection for your application.

Optimised brushless DC motor controllers are much easier to use

Once setup you are safe in the knowledge that the brushless DC motor controllers you have installed will work perfectly every time they are called upon. We can supply the controllers as you requested ready programmed and ready to install. This saves time and hassle for you in programming or testing other unoptimised controllers. 

In conclusion – a wealth of benefits both technical and financial

In short, perfectly optimised controllers will deliver the performance you have been dreaming of from your brushless DC motor and controller. Whether it’s perfect starts with zero cogging or carefully optimised and energy efficient performance in the long run, we’re confident you’ll be glad you chose the optimised option.