Zikodrive ZDDCMMT1 – high resolution motor control package for turntable applications

Zikodrive ZDDCMMT1 Motor and Controller for Turntable ApplicationsThe ZDDCMMT1 package is designed for high resolution control of audio turntables. Perfect for audio/turntable applications the ZDDCMMT1 features a range of IOs allowing total user control as well as open or closed loop control.


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A complete drive solution for turntable and audio applications

The Zikodrive ZDDCMMT1 is a high resolution brushed DC motor and controller package designed specifically for audio turntable applications. The package is built on a Swiss made precious metal DC motor which is driven by an intelligent Zikodrive ZDDC motor controller capable of operating in closed or open loop with 16 bit speed control. This controller offers exceptional speed control resolution and can actively monitor the motor or platter speed and adjust accordingly.

A range of IOs for maximum design flexibility

Featuring a range of customisable options and IOs allowing for a range of user inputs including LEDs, LCD screens and a range of user control buttons. This enables the controller to link together perfectly with the user interface you require. Whether it’s an LCD screen with a welcome message and active speed monitoring or more traditional speed controls that you require the controller can deliver this. Choose from the following range of options:

  • LED outputs for whatever function required (eg, turntable power on, platter turning, speed monitoring, error output).
  • LCD displays.
  • Programmable inputs for switches/buttons.

No need to swap the drive wheel to change audio speed…

As a result of the intelligent speed monitoring within the ZDDC motor controller there is no need to install several drive wheels on your turntable in order to change speed. We can programme the controller to read a large number of inputs to be able to provide this as per your specification.

A high quality package intended to deliver exceptional performance and maximum design flexibility

We’re not ourselves turntable designers but we are (or at least 1 or 2 of us are) quite big fans of analogue hi-fi systems. We know how much variety and ingenuity there is in some turntable designs and we wanted to develop a system which could provide as many drive control options for turntable designers as we could.