ZDBLMUL15-4 Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Controller

The ZDBLMUL15-4 is a powerful but lightweight sensorless brushless motor controller that is programmable via our software.


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The ZDBLMUL15-4 is a 15A sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller designed to be compact and deliver high performance. Running at 12-24V and offering up to 15A max current, the ZDBLMUL15-4 is easy to use and can be quickly customised in a number of ways.

The controller utilises our patent pending ZikoOptimise technology, making it fast to setup and capable of operating at high speed, as well as being cost effective in price sensitive applications.

This version of the controller comes with a simple communications interface using a 0-5V analogue speed control, direction and enable inputs. There is a selectable speed control potentiometer (onboard or offboard). Please get in touch with us to discuss any specific requirements you may have and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

The controller can operate in UART mode taking commands direct from another microcontroller, PLC or similar unit or can be programmed as required and then

For full technical information please see the datasheet.