ZD10A 10A Stepper Motor Controller with 1/128 microstep resolution

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The ZD10 10A stepper motor controller is an intelligent stepper motor controller designed and manufactured in the UK by Zikodrive Motor Controllers. It runs at 12-24V and up to 10A and offers up to 1/128 microstepping with a range of customisable functionality. For a quick overview of the controller we suggest you watch the video above.

There are 2 basic versions of the controller – the ZD10 (which uses simple analogue controls) and the ZD10UART (which uses UART and can be setup to work via RS485, Modbus or a range of alternative communications protocols (via plugin boards).

Our aim with the ZD10 was to provide as much flexibility as possible to the user without demanding lots of additional setup work or programming. Whatever you need, we can almost certainly set it up using the ZD10. To discuss your requirements with us please contact us directly or alternatively you can request a customised setup here.

The ZD10 comes with a range of mounting holes for different motor sizes and can be easily mounted on NEMA 23 motors using stand-offs and M3 bolts. To explore the stepper motor and controller options we have which feature the ZD10 please click here.

For full technical information please download the datasheet and user guide.