Remote Technical Support - Getting Your Motor Control Project Started Wherever You Are

What Sort of Things Can You Help With?

Almost anything!

Whether it’s a programme that needs adjusting to get the optimal performance or help setting up a new prototype we can use tools such as Skype / Teamviewer / Whatsapp or any other system to help get you moving.

Of course if we use systems like Skype for Business, Skype and Teamviewer this has the added benefit that we can take control of the computer if required in order to help with programming and other software/firmware related issues. 

Remote Technical Support Saves Time and Energy

As a company we are committed to reducing our energy usage and therefore, wherever possible, we will always look to use remote methods rather than actual sales visits in order to help get you set up. 

Of course in situations where a site visit is necessary to help manually install an item and see it working in its specific application we will do this. However, in many applications, we find that a well prepped remote session can be just as effective.

What Do I Need to Set a Call Up?

You need to let us know how you would like to conduct the call. We are happy using the following methods;


Skype for Business

Microsoft Teams



Google Hangouts

Conference Calling

If you are wanting direct help in setting up a programme or want talking through how to programme our controllers then it is usually beneficial to be able to screen share so we can see what’s going on. 

Equally, if you have a particular issue that you would like advice on it would be a major advantage to have a webcam setup so that we can see the problem directly. This can help with diagnosis but also with addressing the issues.

That All Makes Sense, So How Do I Go About Setting One Up?

The first port of call is to talk to us directly, either via email or phone. If you are an existing or new customer we will need to understand what you want from the session. 

Once we know this we can then look into how best to accomplish this. When we have agreed upon the best method for setting up the meeting it is then just a case of finding the best possible time. When everyone is happy we simply book the meeting in and see you there!

The Perfect Option for our Customers Around the World

The remote technical support option has become an increasingly popular option with our customers around the world. We often start work early and leave late so accommodating your working day is something we are happy to do (provided we have enough notice).

We regularly run sessions with customers throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East.