What Is An Optimised Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Controller And What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Them?

Optimised Sensorless Brushless Motor Controllers Deliver Perfect Performance

An optimised sensorless brushless DC motor controller is a standard sensorless BLDC motor controller supplied pre-programmed with optimised firmware for your specific application. The process for this involves us working with the specific motor you have and testing it extensively in (as close to) the actual operating conditions as possible. 

Once we have done this we can then optimised various aspects of the motor performance in order to deliver a range of significant improvements that will ensure long lasting reliability and excellent performance.

What Factors are Optimised?

Typically (although not always) the most problematic area of performance will be the start up of the motor. Getting this reliable, smooth and consistent often requires a specifically tuned startup programme. There are a huge number of factors which can impact on the required optimisation including the inertia of the application, the specification of the motor, the power available and more.

Specification points with the motors such as inductance, number of poles and max speed all have an impact. However, equally important are application specific factors such as the operating temperature, startup inertia and energy usage limits. 

The critical aspect is that optimising the controller allows it to adequately meet all of the specification points required for your application.

Optimised Versus UN-Optimised Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Control

Optimised Brushless Motor Controllers are More Energy Efficient

The optimisation process involves tailoring the controller to the specific motor and specific application that is required. This means that the timing and operation of the controllers are perfectly setup and therefore perfectly optimised to use the minimum required energy for the application.

This has two major benefits – firstly the controller is as energy efficient as possible which is something all industry is now aiming towards. Secondly – poor energy efficiency typically makes itself known in the form of excess heat which can be very damaging both for the motor and controller but also for the wider application.

Thinking of Getting an Optimised Brushless Motor Controller for your Specific Motor and Your Specific Application?

If you’re thinking of exploring the idea of an optimised brushless motor controller then there are two main options for how to go about doing this. The first is to use our online quote request form to get a quote for the number of controllers you will need. We don’t charge for the initial optimisation but it may be that if you want to add a few more features to the custom programme that we have to incur a small fee to do so. This will only be small and is simply a reflection of the time taken to carry out the additional work. 

In order to carry out the optimisation we will need to receive a sample of the motor and/or product that you are using in order to get an idea of the key operating criteria required. We can then setup the controller as required to get the best possible performance out of your controller. We will then return the sample motor / assembly as requested by you. 

On some occasions it is possible to do the optimisation process remotely if you are able to provide access to a video link to the motor / controller setup you have and are also able to work with our tech team to programme the controller with the firmware we send through. 

This process is less preferable to getting the samples sent into our in house team but can be done where time is short or where it is not possible to send out samples. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project if this is something that you would like to explore.

Ok, I think I understand, so how does this work in practice?

In practice, we will request a sample of the motor that you are using or are wanting to use and will also request details of the application that you are using the motor in (we are always happy to sign NDAs as required). Once we understand this we will then be able to optimise all aspects of the controller to deliver the maximum possible mechanical performance and the most energy efficient performance from the motor.

We do this by profiling the motor and application based on the number of poles, the inertia at startup, the inductance of the coils in the motor and other factors such as top speed, acceleration required and more. Once we understand all of these we can then programme the brushless motor controller that you have chosen to deliver the exact performance you require.

This Sounds Good, But How Will I Use It?

In practice, optimising a brushless motor controller can deliver significantly improved performance most notably in sensorless brushless applications where issues are arising with the startup phase and also the general running of the motor. Parts of this improvement are akin to getting the timing exactly right on an internal combustion engine. If one cylinder is misfiring or the timing is marginally out then the point at which the force is applied will not be the optimum point. This then leads to a situation in which the power will not only be wasted but will actually then start to work against the engine.

In many respects a brushless motor and controller are similar. By understanding the application requirements and the key specifications of the motor we can ensure that power is applied in the most efficient manner possible to deliver the output that is required.

How Much Does It Cost?

We now offer this service completely free provided that you have a motor sample that you can send to us for testing. 

Simply purchase the relevant motor controller from us (if you’re not sure on the best option please contact us to discuss), send us a sample of the motor you’re using and we will then optimise the controller to the motor. We will try and arrange a quick call to go through the application details as this can have an impact on the optimisation process. Once done, we’ll ship everything back to you to get you started.

If you need to order more controllers in future the process could not be simpler. Once you confirm you’re happy with the setup we will assign a unique part number. Whenever you need any more units simply email a purchase order through with the relevant part number or order online using your account and we will send the units out pre-programmed and ready to use.