We’re delighted to announce the rebirth of Zikodrive TV – our once popular motor control instructional and support channel.

A few months ago we took the decision to suspend the channel as we felt that the quality of output wasn’t up to the level we would like. For the most part this was about us learning a bit more about video production but investing in new equipment has also made a huge difference.

Our aim with the channel is to showcase some of the features that our stock range of controllers. Sometimes this might be through quick demonstrations. At other times we will (with permission obviously) demonstrate a specific customer application and how our controllers work. Our broad aim is not dissimilar to Lord Reith’s original vision for the BBC (although we accept it’s influence will certainly be less widely felt) – to inform, educate and (potentially) entertain.

As always we would encourage you to submit any questions or ideas for videos you would like to see or specific demonstrations that you would like. The channel is intended to be user focused so please just ask!

So then…let’s kick things off with a very quick introduction to our Watermark funding, pump driving ZD10LCD Stepper Motor Controller