Can I purchase the full intelluctual property of a custom stepper motor driver or brushless ESC?

The short answer is yes, however ...

Yes, purchasing full intellectual property for a motor control design is an option but not one which is commonly pursued (or indeed encouraged).

The core business model through which we deliver value for money and attempt to spread technically advanced controllers at competitive prices is built on the accumulation of intellectual property and design knowledge then enabling us to deliver lower cost, customised motor control solutions. It is therefore clear that if we sold the design rights for every motor controller we had ever developed we would not be able to do this.

That said, we do understand that with certain projects, particularly those which are moving towards patents and copyright protection, that this is a key requirement. In cases such as this we will be happy to explore your requirements and advise. Sometimes this may include licensing, sometimes it can include a restricted intellectual property transfer agreement in which you purchase the design rights to the controller that you require with key documentation covering the limitations of this.

Formal legal agreements

Any Intellectual Property transfer will be subject to a formal intellectual property transfer agreement drawn up by our solicitors which will outline the exact terms of the agreement and which will be included as part of the overall quote.

Case by case basis

By definition, the requirements of each specific project are different and we therefore prefer to deal with IP ownership requests on a case by case basis.

To discuss this in detail we would suggest that you CONTACT US as this type of issue is best dealt with on a case by case basis.

You can also read more information about our bespoke motor controller design projects, or some case studies of motor control design work we have previously carried out.

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