How Complex can the Programming of the Standard Range of Zikodrive Stepper Controllers or Brushless Motor Drivers be?

Why should I use a motor controller from Zikodrive?

One of the main advantages of using a Zikodrive motor controller is that our motor controllers are fully programmable. If you have need to control any of our standard range of controllers in real time then we have a range of potential options that can help with this. Alternatively, we can support you with custom firmware developed in house by our UK based tech team.

Quick set up of the basic parameters of your stepper motor controller or BLDC motor driver

At its most basic, we can set up a stepper motor controller with basic settings such as current and speed. This is particularly useful for those customers who require a motor driver that runs in a set speed range or who just need a motor driver which will accurately and repeatedly run at a set speed. Our aim here is to simplify things as much as possible for our customers by setting up the basic parameters on the stepper motor controller or brushless motor driver before you even use them.

Stepper motor drivers and brushless ESCS that make it simple and easy for you

The central aim of this type of programming is to deliver motor drivers which are set up and ready to go for the specific application that you need. Many of our customers have previously used stepper motor drivers or brushless ESCs where they have to try and manually set up specific speeds using either a pot or other mechanical methods (including breaking resistors off the PCB!) but with Zikodrive Motor Controllers we can preset exact parameters into your motor controller so that you can simply take it out the box and plug it in….

Once you have confirmed that you are happy with everything we will then assign a part number to enable you to re-order the exact pre-programmed controller that you need whenever you need it.

This is an option which has been taken by a larger number of UK, European and American companies who we now regularly supply with standardised Zikodrive hardware with bespoke firmware for their specific applications.

It is a proven path for getting customised motor controller performance at a stock controller price.

More complex programming of your stepper motor controller or BLDC motor driver ...

As useful as the simple parameter setting programming can be in a range of applications it is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be achieved with Zikodrive Stepper Motor Controllers or Brushless ESCs.

For more technically advanced and demanding motor control applications we can set up motor controllers to run specific sequences. These sequences can then be triggered with a signal input or can be setup to be modified using external switches or pots. Always bear in mind that we can set up any motor controller to operate with a range of external user controlled inputs such as buttons, pots and more.

If you want to get a sense of the level of complexity that can be achieved then a good place to start is with the iD Stepper Motor Controller specifically developed for Boxer Pumps . This features a significant amount of complex programming in order to incorporate automatic pump calibration, dosing monitoring, a full user interface and second tier calibration interface and a whole host of other features.

Conclusion - Complete programming of stepper motor controllers and brushless motor drivers to meet your project's needs

Just ask! If you have a specific requirement that you would prefer to be directly programmed into a controller rather than operated by UART or similar protocol then we are probably able to help. Products such as the ZD10 Stepper Motor Controller are designed to be customised and so we will need to work with you to develop your specific application.

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