What Technial Support Do We Offer?

A range of technical support to get your motor control project moving

We offer a variety of technical support for both our stock range of motor controllers and any customised or bespoke motor controllers that you may purchase.

Our business model is fundamentally built on delivering custom motor controllers which fit the applications you need perfectly and meticulous technical support is a major part of this.

One thing that we won’t ask you to do (at this point anyway!) is to ‘submit a request’ or ‘request a ticket’. Instead if you buy anything off us you’ll be able to contact us direct via email, phone or our online chat service to request additional help or support. If you’ve made the decision to invest in a design project with us then we’ll provide you regular updates on progress and will organise site visits at the appropriate stages of the design process.

We understand that investing in and operating motor controllers can be a big decision for you and that many of the features and possibilities may seem somewhat daunting or confusing. That’s why we do our best to deliver comprehensive technical support. Our company motto – ‘Motor Control Simplified’ encapsulates this philosophy – we want to make the process of using our motor controllers so simple and straightforward for you that you will wish you used them years ago.

Our core aim is to remove all of the stress that can be involved with motor controllers to enable product designers, engineers and other professions to get on with the job that they want. We think our technical support options fit in with that vision.

Motor control support over the phone

Our UK based engineers are available on the phone to talk through any problems that you may have. If you have a project where you are looking for the right solution they are happy to discuss this with you. Alternatively, if you have already purchased a controller from Zikodrive we can assist with setup, performance issues or anything else. 

Simply call +44 (0) 333 123 7130 and choose the relevant option for your enquiry. We will then either deal with your issue straight away or make arrangements for a call back if all our technical team are busy at that moment.

Skype or Teamviewer support to make quick, easy modifications or to talk more in depth about your project

If you have purchased a new board and need help setting this up or want to make quick programming changes we can assist with this in a number of ways. One increasingly common option is to arrange a Skype or Teamviewer meeting with our technical team in order to enable them to see your motor setup in action. We can then advise on the best route forward or make real time programme changes (provided you have the equipment setup to do this).

Depending on the controllers that you have we can assist you with making significant firmware changes to them. We have several customers who purchase large volumes of the same hardware but who then install a range of programmes on these controllers in order to customise them for their specific customers. If they have a new customer with new requirements they simply give us a call and we will book a session in to get things up and running

On site support to help get your motor control project moving?

We offer fully insured on site technical support from qualified engineers. We will usually incorporate this into any bespoke design projects that we will do – unless otherwise requested. However, if you are considering purchasing one of our standard range of motor controllers and would like a site visit to assist with setup of these controllers then please contact us and request a visit.

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