What technical support do you offer?

We offer comprehensive technical support of all our controllers and services over the phone, via email, via online chat and forums and in person on site.

Over the phone

Our UK based engineers are available on the phone to talk through any problems that you may have.

On site?

We offer fully insured on site technical support from qualified engineers

Rolling Technical Support as part of your Organisation…

For customers who are looking at using Zikodrive Motor Controllers as a key component of a product that may require modification or setup for a range of different customers we offer ongoing technical support packages where we effectively operate as an employee of your organisation. This is proving to be one of our most popular services.

This method works as follows. If you get a technical enquiry from one of your customers and need assistance you can have a direct link to one of our engineers who will answer your question and get you moving again either by email or over the phone if preferred. If you have a customer who needs on site technical support to setup or repair a system we can also do this. Depending on the likely amount of use that you will incur from this service we can offer this as a fixed price arrangement (effectively a retainer) or we can simply charge as you go…


For more information on this type of arrangement please CONTACT US to discuss.