Why choose a brushless (BLDC) motor?

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors can generally be said to offer improved performance and life than brushed DC motors. The absence of brushes and friction within the motor is at the heart of this. Firstly, brushes add friction. This reduces the overall top speeds which can be achieved in a brushed DC motor. Secondly, brushes create sparks and ultimately wear out, reducing the lifespan of the motor. Neither of these issues are present in brushless DC (BLDC) motors, meaning that lifespan, top speed and performance are dramatically improved. A useful rule of thumb is that BLDC motors will typically operate well for 10000 hours, whereas brushed DC motors typically operate for 2000 hours.

It is important to remember that brushless motors require controllers to optimise their performance and are also often more expensive than brushed DC motors. However, adding a controller such as the ZDBL10 to your package also adds a significant amount of performance control that is impossible to get from brushed DC motors. Intelligent BLDC motor drivers (sometimes known as brushless electronic speed controllers or brushless ESCs) can introduce features such as constant speed under variable load, optimised start up and acceleration curves and more. For more information you can browse the Zikodrive range of brushless motor controllers (brushless ESCs) or CONTACT US for more information.