Zikodrive delighted to announce launch of new MUL range of stepper and brushless DC motor controllers

ZDBLMUL30-48 sensorless brushless DC motor controller
ZDBLMUL15-4 sensorless brushless DC motor controller
ZDSMUL2-24 stepper motor controller

Zikodrive are delighted to announce the launch of the new MUL range of motor controllers. These controllers are all fully programmable using our ZDA software enabling you to set key parameters such as acceleration rates, IO settings, speed and other key performance settings. On top of this, key safety settings such as under voltage, over temperature and other settings are now settable. 

We recognise that many customers will still prefer the option of receiving motor controllers with preset parameters, enabling fast assembly into your final product. This is still possible with this range for volume orders. Simply purchase the controller you want, get the setup parameters you want, let us know and we will then pre-programme the firmware to operate as you require.

The new range features one stepper and two sensorless brushless DC controllers.

The ZDSMUL2-24 stepper motor controller replaces the ZDSP stepper motor controller and features improved microstep resolution, as well as a greater range of options for programming and setup. The controller can be operated directly via UART if required but can also be preset to perform specific functions on input signal (for example preset accelerations). 

For more information on the ZDSMUL2-24 stepper motor controller please click here.

The ZDBLMUL15-4 is a new sensorless brushless DC motor controller, capable of operating up to 24V and 15A peak. The controller features ZikoOptimise, enabling the controller to drive and continuously optimise for any sensorless brushless DC motor. This enables super fast and easy setup without a requirement for complex parameter setting. That said, there is still the option to preset important parameters as per your requirement.

For more information on the ZDBLMUL15-4 controller please click here.

The final addition to the MUL range is the ZDBLMUL30-48 sensorless brushless DC motor controller. This controller operates up to 48V and 30A peak and features the same ZikoOptimise technology as the ZDBLMUL15-4. This controller can be used to drive motors up to 48V and can be preset in the same way.

For more information on the ZDBLMUL30-48 sensorless brushless DC motor controller, please click here.

This range marks the first in a new range of motor controllers from Zikodrive, offering new and improved performance as well as a host of features designed to make setup and operation faster and easier for the user. 

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