We’re now accepting Euros and volume pricing available on request

As part of our ongoing commitment to our EU based customers we have now added the option to purchase from the website direct in Euros. On top of the free shipping available into Europe, we hope that this will add as a further incentive to our European customers to shop direct.

We have also added a range of additional features – including selectable options on certain controllers to try and streamline the process of purchasing a controller direct from us.

To simplify the process of buying online via our webstore we have removed the option of quantity pricing as a direct option. However, for projects where you need batch sizes over 10 units we will be able to offer some discount. For projects over 100+ units per batch we will be able to offer significant savings on the quoted price in the Zikodrive shop. We would therefore encourage all customers to contact us directly if you have a larger project and would like a higher volume quote.