Zikodrive to develop new version of popular ZDBL15 sensorless brushless DC motor controller

Zikodrive are to develop a newer and more powerful version of the ZDBL15 sensorless brushless DC motor controller which will offer improved performance at lower speeds, reduced noise and a range of additional programming options.

The ZDBL15 has proved to be hugely popular in a number of applications but there have been several issues which have come up repeatedly with customers that would like to be improved upon and the company has therefore taken this feedback and used it to inform the design and implementation of the ZDBL15SIN controller. 

The controller has retained all of the popular features of the ZDBL15, including it’s compact size and flexible programming options. 

Sinusoidal control improves low speed resolution

A frequent request with the ZDBL15 sensorless brushless DC motor controller has been for improved performance at lower speeds. However, as a result of the trapezoidal output from this there is only so far that the low speed performance can be taken. However, with the new ZDBL15SIN this trapezoidal drive pattern has been replaced with a sinusoidal drive, enabling a wide range of improvements. 

These include;

  • Improved operation at lower speeds and capable of running at lower speeds than ZDBL15.
  • Quieter performance, especially at startup.
  • Improved torque.

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