Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers
Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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The perfect motor controller for your application - programmable, customisable and bespoke options.

Zikodrive Stock range of brushless motor controllers stepper motor controllers and stepper motors with integrated driversBespoke Electronic Design with a Specialisation in Motor ControlCustomised and modified stepper motor controllers brushless escs and DC motor controllersTypical Zikodrive Motor Controllers applicationsStepper ControllersBespoke DesignBrushless ControllersApplications

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Zikodrive Motor Controllers is a trading name of Round Bank Engineering ltd. Registed Company Number 08288866. VAT Number: GB226504428

Zikodrive Motor Controllers are compact and flexible and can be mounted anywhere

Compact and Lightweight Brushless Motor Controllers designed to fit into tight spaces…

Zikodrive Motor Controllers designed the iD stepper motor driver for Boxer Pumps

See what customisation and custom programming of an existing ‘off the shelf controller’ could do for your project….

The iD Stepper Motor Driver, Controller and User Interface is a fantastic example of how using Zikodrive Motor Controllers stock range and then requesting custom programming or modifications can work in practice.

Read more about the iD stepper motor controller case studyWhy choose Zikodrive Motor Controllers?

The ZDBL Series is cost effective, powerful and we do all the setup work for you.

It is trusted by a large range of companies in different industries around the world.

It can be quickly optimised to deliver the absolute maximum performance possible from your motor of choice. No other brushless controller on the market can be so quickly and easily optimised in this way.

Find out more...

All Zikodrive Motor Controllers are designed and manufactured in the UK.

We have been recognised for both our design work and our technical performance at a number of award ceremonies.

Part of what makes our customer’s keep coming back is that they know that we can deliver the best possible value for money through customisation and custom programming.

Find out more...Zikodrive Motor Controllers are designed and manufactured in the UK


Zikodrive offer short lead times on new motor control design work

Click to find out more about the ZDBL30 Brushless Motor Controller

From design to prototype in as little as 8 weeks…

- We design, programme and manufacture motor controllers for a wide range of motors every day.

- That means we have built up an extensive catalogue of design work and experience which means we can deal with many design requests quickly, simply by utilising previous design work we have taken on.

- When we customise a stock controller or design a new controller we start with proven and tested technology not from first principles.

- To find out more about customised and bespoke motor controllers please click here.

Zikodrive Motor Controllers Customer Testimonials

See what our valued customers are saying…

“It was a pleasure to work with Phil and the team. They provided essential knowledge and skills, on time and on budget.”

Stefan Witton, Head of VM, SFD

“[Zikodrive Stepper Motor Controllers] are allowing us to go into markets that we could not previously tap”

Gavin Clinch, General Manager TCS Micropumps

“Nymax selected Zikodrive controllers for our lab mixer due to their reliability”

Mike Smith, MD Nymax Laboratory Equipment

View Case Studies of Zikodrive Controllers In Use

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Isn’t it expensive getting a customised or bespoke motor controller?

Depending on the features you need in the driver or controller, getting a bespoke designed controller can actually save you money. Why? With a custom motor controller we will only include the specific features that you need in order to succeed with your project.

This means that your controller will only have the components included which are necessary to deliver this.

As board cost is driven predominantly by the cost of components on the controller this means it is often possible to save money, particularly on volumes over 500/year. Click here for more information on typical costs of custom and bespoke motor controllers.

Contact Zikodrive Motor Controllers to discuss stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs and BLDC motor drivers

+44 (0) 333 123 7130

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Can I replace a brushed DC motor with a stepper or brushless motor?


Many of our customers are looking to replace an existing DC system with a brushless or stepper motor either to improve the performance options they have or to increase the lifespan of the system.

Click here to read more on swapping DC motors for stepper motors.

Click here to find out why replacing a DC motor with a brushless motor and controller can improve performance and radically improve lifespan.

An award winning team

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